Yamadori Miyamoto 2
24. April 2019
Air Pruning – When the pot prunes the roots
15. August 2023
Yamadori Miyamoto 2
24. April 2019
Air Pruning – When the pot prunes the roots
15. August 2023
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Jens Lindworsky

One year of air pruning – a first result

Tie Pot_Wurzeln nach einem Jahr_1
On this side, most roots grew along the pot wall because there was a large root nearby. Nevertheless, all root tips stopped growing in length and ramified.

This field maple was in a Tie Pot for over a year.
Time to examine the roots!
In a normal pot I would expect a Acer campinus to grow circling roots of up to one meter length.

Tie Pot_Wurzeln nach einem Jahr_2
The roots trace the structures in the pot according to plan. They do what they should ...
Tie Pot_Wurzeln nach einem Jahr
Here you can see how all the roots have been influenced - no circling roots!

Here in this case the air pruning worked without exeption: every single root grew to a hole – as hoped. So due to the contact with the dry air outside the pot, the root stopped growing in length.

  • I loosened up the root ball and was perfectly happy with the result: a dense, fine branched root ball. Not even one root had grown excessively long.
  • So I trimmed the roots a little and put the tree back in the pot with a little fresh substrate. The amount of lost roots was minimal – in this case this is perfect because the tree is supposed to continue growing quickly. I did not want it to loose speed due to the disturbance oft he roots. I surely could have planted the tree in a much smaller pot at this point without weakening the tree.

May 5th 2019

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